Free eCommerce Website Builder: Unlimited Products Edition

Just a few years ago, launching any kind of website was quite difficult. Of course, any person could’ve bought a domain name and choose a web hosting package, but creating the website itself was difficult because it required technical knowledge. In other words, if you were not a website developer and designer yourself, you would have to hire a professional to do this job for you. Fortunately, things have changed and today we can use eCommerce website builders to create modern and fully functional online stores. What’s even better is that many of these eCommerce website builders are free. Of course, the paid versions have more features, but if you are new to this, a free one will be more than fine.

Those who have done some research have realized that there are dozens of options out there. All of them have some common basic features, but there are specific features that can be associated only with certain eCommerce website builders. When people are analyzing the options they have, they should focus on a few important things. One of these things is the number of products they can offer in their online store.

There is a good reason why free eCommerce website builder unlimited products is one of the most searched terms on popular search engines today when it comes to eCommerce. Namely, more and more people are launching eCommerce websites with dozens of products in their offer.

For example, let’s say that you are planning on opening an online store focused on pet food. First of all, you can offer pet food for different kinds of pets – dogs, cats, parrots, lizards etc. The list of pets is very long. So, you have to organize your online store in a specific way and create different sections for the products based on the category of food. In addition, this food can be made by different brands. In other words, we are talking about dozens of products in different categories. For some reason, some of the free eCommerce website builders have a limited number of product slots. Unless you are planning on selling your own products and their number if not higher than five, it is a smart move to look for a website builder that lets you list an unlimited number of products. Don’t forget that even if you don’t have many products on your offer now, you can enrich your offer in the future.