The best free eCommerce website builder in USA

We are living in a digital age which means that online presence is a must for every business. However, there are many existing or prospective business owners who are not using the Internet for business due to different reasons – inexperience in the field of website development and design, lack of money etc. If you are one of them, you will be glad to hear that there is a way to create a store without investing anything and without any specialized knowledge. The solution comes in the form of the best free eCommerce website builder in USA.

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Although we’ve used the singular form, the fact is that there is no single software tool like this that can be called the best. Each of these website builders comes with certain features and the final choice depends on your specific business requirements, needs, and plans. In any case, we have made a short list of eCommerce website builders that have proven to be effective for many American business owners.


Wix is a website builder that has a very simple and intuitive interface. This platform is popular because every user gets access to a huge number of free design templates that they can select from. So, regardless of your industry, you can rest assured that you will find more than one good template. Once you choose a template, you can use the simple drag and drop feature to build the store from scratch.


If you are looking for a simple builder designed for someone who has zero experience when it comes to website design and development, SiteBuilder is probably the ideal choice for you. This online platform and website builder is very user-friendly and offers a wide array of tools that can help anyone create a modern online store. This platform also offers some useful eCommerce options and features and there is a paid version with even more features.


WordPress is the most used website builder today. Those who are running a WordPress-powered website can tell you why. Namely, this is one of the simplest building sites for newbies. It provides beautifully designed templates. Most of the templates are free, but there are some premium themes too if you are prepared to invest some of your money. Another thing that’s great about WordPress is that you can use many SEO and analytics tools that can help you optimize your eCommerce website.

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