The Most Recommended Free Ecommerce Website Templates in Canada – 2018

Luxury watches

This is one of those free ecommerce website templates in Canada that are better suited for a more specific niche and in this case that niche are luxury items. The one thing that you need to remember about luxury items is that the e-commerce needs to have that luxury look as well, and the minimalist black and white look is just the right thing to get that feeling of luxury. The name of the template does say watches, but by simply taking a look at it, you will find that it will be perfectly suitable for selling jewelry as well as any other expensive items as well.

Wedding store

Again, this is a niche type of template, but seeing as how most of the things that have to do with weddings are now moving on to the online world, this template can be very useful indeed. There is everything that you would need in order to offer customers everything that they would need for a wedding and the simplicity and the beauty of this template will make it very easy for wedding planners to use it when showing your products to their clients.

New Store

This is one of these free ecommerce website templates in Canada that can be used for a variety of different online stores, regardless of the type of product that you are selling. It is a template that will work with cross-browser and cross-device technology perfectly, which means that you won’t have to worry when it comes to being able to sell to people who shop from their phones. There is a very simplistic feeling to this template, but you don’t have to worry because you will still have all the tools that are necessary for you to promote your product in a beautiful way.

Get in touch


This is an e-commerce template that you can use in Canada that is a bit more playful compared to other ones out there, and it is that very playful touch that makes people think that it is a great template to use for online stores for teenagers, however, you can definitely use it for grownups as well. There is a very clever use of separated elements that are a part for this template’s design and those elements put together with a great font are the kind of things really make this template stand out.

Luxury Furnish

This is another one of the free ecommerce website templates in Canada that are meant for more luxurious items, and in this case more specifically for luxury furniture. If you have a business that sells high-end furniture, then this is definitely the template for you because it has the design and the features that will highlight that luxurious effect. You can customize the background photo on the first page, you have some incredible product pages that display those luxury pieces beautifully, and when selling products like those a great way to display them is really all you need, and that is exactly what this template gives you.

With so many options out there when it comes to free e-commerce website templates in Canada it can be a bit difficult to make the right choice. Hopefully, the five suggestions that we gave you above have been helpful and have given you an idea of what you can get when using a template, and since they are all free, you definitely won’t lose anything from trying them, so definitely make sure to check them out.